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Hello, Chamblee residents!​


I'm Ben Quackenbush, and I'm excited to share my candidacy for Chamblee City Council. Since 2018, my wife, two dogs, and I have had the privilege of calling the 3rd District of Chamblee home. I'm now eager to take the next step in serving our incredible community through the City Council.​


Professionally, I’m a Railroad Network Design Supply Chain Manager with a strong passion for creating sustainable solutions and reducing greenhouse gases. In this role, I've gained valuable experience in managing complex logistics, optimizing operations, and ensuring the seamless flow of resources. These skills directly translate to the responsibilities of a city council member, where efficient management and thoughtful planning are essential for building a prosperous and harmonious community.


​As an Eagle Scout since 2006, I've learned the value of leadership, community service, and leaving a positive impact on our surroundings. I am a member of Keep Chamblee Beautiful and recently completed Chamblee 101. This 11-week education program further enriched my understanding of our city's operations and the diverse needs of our residents. This foundation will guide me in making thoughtful choices that reflect the best interests of Chamblee and its people.


​In my free time, you'll find me exploring Chamblee's charming neighborhoods on my bike, engaging in lively pickleball matches at Arrow Creek and Keswick Park, and fostering community engagement as the manager of a cornhole league in Chamblee. I also can be found frequenting restaurants and businesses in Chamblee’s downtown.​


Born with the unique last name of Quackenbush, it's become as normal to me as Smith is to most. My journey has led me to embrace this individuality. What I appreciate most about Chamblee is the cultural diversity and strong-knit community, which perfectly balances small-town warmth with metropolitan amenities.


​As a City Council District #3 candidate, I aim to bring my passion for sustainability, community engagement, and strategic planning to the forefront. I envision a future where Chamblee thrives as an environmentally conscious city within the larger metro area. With your support, we can work together towards a brighter future. I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming November 7 election.


Image by Florian Kurrasch

Harmonized Transit

Improvements that support all modes of transportation removing dependency on cars 


Sustainable Solutions

Continuing to expand our green spaces and invest in carbon reducing projects.

Image by Hannah Busing

Public Safety 

By fostering collaboration, we can create a safer Community.



​Thanks for submitting!

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