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Election Results

Hey Y'all ,

Not the results I was anticipating last night. 67% to 33% split to the incumbent. It was a great opportunity to run and meet all my neighbors, some again some for the first time.

Many thanks to my supporters, was able to keep the whole campaign at breakeven financially.

I'll take some time off with family here in the next weeks , but eager to see what comes out of this annexation that was brought forward last week. Not only what it means to current residents but potential new residents and redrawing of the districts.

On a happy note , Atlanta Golf and Social were great hosts of our polling numbers watch party. Thanks again for giving the space for a local election. When we come back I'll make sure Ashley has her clubs so we can play a few rounds.

Alsooooo, Atlanta United won 4-2 and force a 3rd game in MLS playoffs. Managed to get a pic with Mayor Mock.

Thanks again y'all ,

Cheers !

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